Toy Review: ORA 2 ~ LELO’s New and Improved Oral Sex Simulator

ORA 2: The World’s Most Sophisticated Oral Sex Simulator Just Got Better

A review and comparison of LELO’s award-winning bestseller!


The Ora Review:

Last year LELO launched the ORA – a ground-breaking little pleasure massager that performed in a way that endless vibrators before it simply could not. The big revelation behind its inception should seem obvious: Women like oral sex!

Most traditional vibrators are either focused on penetration or are reliant upon steady vibrations and pulses directly on the clit, that – let’s face it – feels nothing like a tongue. Not to mention that if you already own a couple of these kinds of vibrators, you’re probably left feeling like you’ve ‘been there, done that.’ After all, how many variations do you really need of a product that generally feels the same and does the same things?

ORA entered the market at the beginning of 2014 with her sleek midnight blue curves and swirling and rotating nub that can circle and flick against a clitoris like a tongue and vibrate at the same time. It quickly went on to become a bestseller and became the first ever sex toy to win a Cannes Lions Award.

Last week, LELO launched the ORA 2 – the new and improved second-generation model. If you were hesitant about buying the original, haven’t gotten around to it yet, or if this is all new to you, the ORA 2 might make a great new addition to your toy box.

There are several notable and very noticeable improvements.

The Look:

The ORA 2 retains the size, shape, weight and luxe feel of its predecessor. It’s from LELO’s insignia line, which means it has the signature metallic inlay detailing and the attention to aesthetics as well as performance. This is the kind of sex toy you wouldn’t mind leaving in plain view on your nightstand or pulling out to use with a new partner. It looks good!

There is one very noticeable difference between the original ORA and the ORA 2, and the old saying, “size makes a difference,” applies here. The most important feature on the ORA is the little nub that moves and swirls under its silicone skin sphere, like the tip of a tongue. And let’s just say, it got bigger – way bigger!



Why is this important? It means more pressure on your clit, stronger swirls and who wouldn’t prefer a longer tongue-tip to a shorter one if you had the choice? This is by the far the best improvement to the original model – especially for women with a petite clit, like me.


The new ORA 2 employs the ‘Sensetouch™ Technology’ that LELO features on many of its other toys. Vibrations activate on contact with skin. Because of this, it does feel like it packs more power than the original model. If you put both versions on at full tilt, the ORA 2 provides more pressure, more vibration and generally a more intense experience on both the clit and labia.

There are ten stimulation modes and you can vary the intensity for each mode by using the ‘+’ and ‘–’ buttons. These patterns offer both vibration plus swirling (including full and half-swirls), and also just swirling and flicking on its own without the vibration effect that one certainly wouldn’t get with a real oral sex experience. Personally, I’m a fantasy-girl and tend to enjoy both sensations at full blast, but it’s nice to have the variety that the different stimulation modes offer. There are some good ones, especially if you appreciate a good tease. I had no trouble reaching orgasm with this model, in literally just a couple of minutes. If you’re used to just the sensations of a standard clit-massager and looking for something different, this is a welcomed change.

Noise Level:

I also noticed that the ORA 2 is significantly quieter than the original model. With the original ORA, you can hear the rotation. The new ORA hums at the same noise-level as LELO’s standard vibrators – you don’t hear the rotation at all. This is actually a huge improvement as far as I’m concerned, especially if you need to keep your play-time discreet or are using it with a partner.


The original was waterproof and this one is as well. It’s a nice size to keep in the shower or on the side of your tub. Water or a bit of water-based lube is the perfect way to get that slippery tongue-tip feeling if you’re not already feeling juicy.

ps. You’ll get a small sample of lubricant in your ORA box, if you don’t already stock it in your bedside table.


This one comes with a USB-recharger instead of the standard wall chargers that I’ve been used to with LELO’s previous toys. Technically I’m not a fan of this, but it’s really up to personal choice. I prefer to charge directly from a wall socket, but the USB charger may offer more versatility, especially if you travel. ORA 2 is compatible with all of LELO’s chargers though, so if you already own other models, you can use those standard wall chargers without a problem.

Final Thoughts:

I know that second generation products can sometimes feel like it’s just another excuse to remarket and relaunch a product while only offering minor improvements, but this isn’t one of them. The bigger size of the ‘tongue tip’ nub, the significantly improved noise level and the added SenseTouch™ technology really do set this apart from the original.

I actually started wondering how large a toy like this could feasibly go with the tongue-tip nub before it would potentially become uncomfortable. Might an ORA 3 be on the horizon in years to come? Not to mention, I think a toy that combined the tongue-swirling ORA technology with the vibrating penetration length of the Soraya model would probably be an instant bestseller.

We’ll see what LELO comes up with in years to come. In the meantime, if you skipped buying the original ORA, you’ll want to put its successor on your wish-list. It’s a solid winner.


Disclaimer: products were provided to me for my honest feedback and review.

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