Toy Review: LELO’s new INA Wave™ and MONA Wave™

LELO’s new MONA Wave™ and INA Wave™

Two Iconic Bestsellers in Motion



Does anyone remember that scene from Sex and the City, where Samantha is confessing all the new things she learned from her new lesbian relationship to the girls over breakfast? Specifically when she says, “this…,” while simulating two rigid thrusting fingers with a sour look, “is not the same as this,” as she switches her unsexy finger-thrust into a more fluid ‘come-hither’ motion with a knowing smile.

I remember watching that scene at the time and nodding along with her. Haven’t we all had guys take a page from a bad porn flick, and do the rigid two (or three) finger thrust, speedily pistoning them in and out like a rod, and stabbing into soft tissue that shouldn’t be stabbed into. The more you tried to squirm and writhe away from the College Casanova, the more he assumed that he must have been hitting the right spot and the faster he would go.


Sometimes it takes time for guys to figure out where a woman’s G-spot is located. And let’s face it – some guys never figure it out.

It never hurts to take things into your own hands when it comes to exploring pleasure zones, and there are some great new toys on the market right now.

LELO has introduced some new tricks into their iconic bestsellers of years past, the INA and the MONA. WaveMotion™ technology is supposed to be a game-changer when it comes to G-spot orgasms. I haven’t seen this kind of technology before in a sex toy, so needless to say I was intrigued about Wave Motion and was eager to find out whether it stands up to the hype.



What is WaveMotion™ Technology?


LELO has always been known for paying attention to anatomy and designing toys that are female-friendly and work with the body to create orgasms to remember.

WaveMotion™ Technology is engineered to replicate the stroking caress of a lover’s fingers inside you, fingers that know what they’re doing by providing optimal G-spot stimulation. Instead of just vibrating or swirling like you’re stirring a pot, this motion moves back and forth against the g-spot and puts the pressure where it counts.

It rises and falls and the vibrations surge exactly where you would want them to.





I knew right away that this was going to be my favourite. In fact, my very first LELO toy was the INA, purchased when I finally started making real money and was ready to graduate from my thrifty college girl $15 pocket rockets and cheap plastic dildo to a real bonafide sex toy. It was purple and it was glorious – a proper ‘Rabbit Vibe’ that didn’t involve batteries, a plasticky smell or a weird rigid and impeccably straight design with a creepy little bunny attachment for a clit-vibe. The INA was luxe, rechargeable and pretty enough to use in front of a partner, or to utilize as a visual tease while sexting. I was hooked on the brand from that moment on.

The new INA Wave™ has the same familiar contoured design that I liked in the original but now LELO says that it features a stimulator arm that is both strong enough to ‘squeeze’ the front wall of your vagina when undulating, but also flexible enough to be adjusted and reach you in every spot you need.

Let’s see about that!


My Review:


The INA Wave™ is similar to all LELO toys in that it features the same body-safe smooth silicone, it’s waterproof and rechargeable (2 hours of use on a single charge), and it provides ten vibration patterns with adjustable speed. It’s curved and very contoured to hit the g-spot, and internally, it provides maximal ‘fullness’.

While it’s comfortable, I would not want to go bigger with a toy like this. If you’re concerned it’s going to feel too slim or small to make a difference, you can put that worry to rest. This will hit your g-spot and fill you up quite nicely. The clitoral arm is flexible and you can adjust it to your body so that it feels best.

It’s a little different than other LELO toys when it comes to turning it on because it’s working with a dual mechanism when it comes to 1. The WaveMotion™ and 2. The vibrations. If you’re used to just holding down the ‘+’  to turn it on and get it up to speed, you may have a moment like me and think, ‘omg, it’s broken!’. Not the case. You have to press the middle (unmarked) button to turn it on. This will start the waves going. Then you can use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button to increase and decrease the vibrations, and the up and down arrows to circle through the stimulation patterns. One of the stimulation patterns will also allow you to use this as a regular vibrating INA without the WaveMotion™.

Instead of thrusting or ‘revolving’ inside, it has a rise-and-fall style motion. Once it’s turned on at full speed – wow. It’s actually pretty fantastic! There’s a lot going on and it really does move, so it takes a few moments to fully appreciate the sensations. It actually compelled me to begin moving my hips and rolling my pelvis in tandem, very much a feeling of wanting to ‘ride the waves,’ and fully commit to them. It almost feels ‘alive’ inside you, and the pressure it puts on the G-spot is very different than the typical G-spot vibe where you’re just manually pressing a vibrating head against your sweet spot. The INA Wave™ massages and teases and rolls you to a pretty spectacular climax. When combined with the stimulation from the vibrating clitoral arm, it’s powerful and results in something that has it’s own term – a ‘Blended Orgasm’.

A Blended Orgasm is one that results from simultaneous stimulation of the clit and G-spot. It’s considered the gateway to multiple orgasms and is four times more likely to result in female ejaculation, compared to a clitoral orgasm alone.


You can count me as one of the 76%, for sure.

A lot of women rely on basic clit orgasms because they are easy to achieve and many women can’t climax through penetration alone. Most women have experimented (to some degree) with G-spot stimulation and have chased after the novelty of ‘squirting’ and becoming multi-orgasmic, but unless you (and/or your partner) are well-coordinated and know how to include multiple sources of stimulation, either manually or during sex, you may not quite get there without a toy or device.

The INA Wave™ is a great option for exploring clitoral, blended and G-spot pleasure. Even after climax, you’ll find that it continues to keep the pleasure rolling and the body humming in a kind of post-orgasmic euphoria. I found my orgasm to be far more intense and I was able to maintain the sensations at a higher and sustained plateau for a surprisingly longer amount of time.




The original MONA was (and still is) one of LELO’s most popular products of all time. It’s similar to the INA, except it doesn’t have the secondary ‘Rabbit style’ clitoral arm vibe. Now why would someone forgo dual-stimulation and get this more classic model instead? I have a friend who bought the MONA as her first vibrator and says, “that’s all I really need,” and she is perfectly happy with it. Another benefit to this model is that it’s more interactive with a partner. He can use this inside you and give you oral at the same time, so for those that are looking for a more diverse toy or something to use as a couple, this might be a good option.

The WAVE technology of the MONA gives you an internal massaging motion that will rise and fall against your G-spot, which should make this far superior to the original.



My Review:


The MONA is a nice little powerhouse when it comes to WaveMotion™ technology. It’s the same size and shape as the INA, minus the clitoral attachment. You’ll feel more freedom to manipulate the angles that it’s hitting without worrying about chasing that clit-buzz. You can twist and turn it and allow all the intensity to work toward your G-spot climax.

If you’re a pure ‘thruster’ when it comes to G-spot toys, this might not be the ideal toy for you. It works with grinding and ‘rocking’ but if you love that rough in-and-out plunge and prefer a very firm and flat surface area for your G-spot or a more petite toy, there are other models (eg. the GIGI) that would be better suited for those purposes. If that’s your natural style of G-spot stimulation, you probably wouldn’t be seriously looking at this toy anyway.

There’s a refinement to the MONA Wave™, not to be confused with ‘subtlety’ – you will definitely be feeling those waves to the max – but there’s no guesswork with this. If you just want to hold on and let it work its magic, it really does the work for you. At the same time, if you prefer to get more involved, this will allow you that as well. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re playing with a partner, this gives you more room than the INA to get interactive with a tongue. You can also just leave it turned off and use it as a manual G-spot stimulator. There’s a great curve to this toy, and the tip is tapered and will really hit that G-spot nicely if you want to have total control over your climax, or if prefer to switch to a steady grind.

If you’ve never tried the MONA and are wondering if you should get the MONA 2 or the MONA Wave™, then I’d highly recommend this one. One of the ten stimulation modes will allow this to work as a pure vibrating G-spot toy, without the WaveMotion™.  You can enjoy the best of both worlds!


The Final Verdict: Is WaveMotion™ Technology Worth the Hype?


I really love the WaveMotion™ technology on both of these toys, and I think it’s a brilliant addition to the world of pleasure toys because I haven’t come across anything like this before. I love that it’s not just a ‘subtle’ difference to the original models and therefore you really are getting something that feels completely different and unique and might justify getting the WaveMotion™ version as well, if you’re already a fan of the standard INA or MONA.

If you’re a ‘Rabbit Vibe’ kind of girl, like I am, then the INA would be the best choice, and it’s easily my pick between the two. You get more ‘bang for the buck’, so to speak because the INA is essentially the same as the MONA but with the addition of the clitoral stimulation arm. In my opinion, it makes a huge difference and it’s hard for me to imagine bypassing this option, unless you prefer a more classic design or want to combine this with oral sex.

The only con with WaveMotion™ technology is that it’s a bit noisier than traditional LELO toys. The vibrating is very quiet but the mechanical arm movement doesn’t make this the most discreet toy if you’re worried about that sort of the thing. The volume level is about the same as the original ORA model, so it’s not as off-putting as many other toys on the market that feature movement rather than just basic vibrating. As I said, it’s certainly not unbearable or overly bothersome, but it’s something worth pointing out, in case you’re in a living situation where you need to masturbate with total stealth.

As I mentioned in my reviews, one of the positives is that both models have a ‘stimulation mode’ where you can just use this as a traditional vibrating INA or MONA (ie. with no WaveMotion™), and in this mode it’s practically silent and similar to LELO’s other vibrating toys. If you don’t own the originals, you’re basically getting a two-in-one, so it only makes sense to buy the WaveMotion™ versions to enjoy the versatility.

What I love about these toys (aside from the powerful orgasms) is that they really hit all the important erogenous sweet spots and they really do create the sensation of internal waves of pleasure and gorgeous G-spot pressure as you build up to climax. It also keeps you there for an extended period of time, so it becomes a fantastic full-body experience that’ll leave you humming long after the last wave comes ashore.

To learn more about different kinds of orgasms, fun facts, and how WaveMotion™ Technology can help you achieve this, take a look at LELO’s Orgasm Guide:




Disclaimer: products were provided to me for my honest feedback and review.

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