Toy Review: Couples Toys – Ida (LELO)


When I first opened that lovely sleek black LELO box and got my first look at Ida, I have to admit, I did a full-on and out-loud squeal!

I know many of you think I do this every time I see a new LELO toy anyway, but I don’t. I have noticed a certain trend though – their Insignia line. There are only three words I need to summarize: Absolute Toy Heaven.

The Insignia line is LELO’s premium range of waterproof pleasure objects & the Winner of Best Product Line for Women in 2013. Those of you who have your Soraya up on a perfect toy pedestal will understand what I’m talking about. The Ida brought back all the same immediate feelings I had when I bought my Soraya. Not only did this one also come in my favorite LELO color (cerise), but it also had the same stylized look. From the ultra-smooth, body-safe silicone to the platinum toned design accents that their other Insignia toys have, you can just feel the added touch of luxury. And for a couples toy, a bit of ‘sexy and sleek’ is definitely a huge plus if you’re looking for the total experience.

Let’s face it, you can light a candle and play the sexy tunes, but if your couples’ toy looks and sounds like a clunky piece of plastic, you might as well not bother with setting the scene. The IDA gets an easy five stars for her looks. This is definitely the Rolls Royce of couples’ toys.

Now, there are couples’ toys that are fun and interactive to use with a partner, such as a remote controlled egg or something that gets used on you to heighten your experience, and then there are couples’ toys where it’s used during sex and stimulates both of you at the same time. Ida falls into the latter category. This time, it’s not just all about you. The guys get to enjoy the ride as well, hopefully making it a totally unique pleasure experience for both of you.

So, before we get to the review, let’s see what Ida comes with:


You get:

1. The Ida toy itself (which was actually more substantial than I was expecting!)
2. A SenseMotion™ remote control disc, 2 Triple-A batteries for the disc and a keyturn to open it.
3. A black satin drawstring storage pouch.
4. A charger that gives you over two hours of playtime with each charge.
5. A product registration and authenticity card.
6. A sample package of lubricant.
7. An instruction manual (which I almost never read because these are pretty intuitive toys).

The key features:

* The toy vibrates at both its round base (for clitoral stimulation) and it’s curved arm. The arm also rotates at the same time, providing g-spot massage for the woman and intense sensations for the man during intercourse. I can also attest to the fact that Ida is definitely a little powerhouse in terms of vibration when you have it at its highest speed.

* Remote controlled SenseMotion™ technology that allows either partner to adjust vibration modes with a touch of a button. This means it can also work as a ‘solo’ vibrator on its own, or with a partner using it to control and tease. There are 8 adjustable vibration/rotation modes to explore.

* The Ida is 100% waterproof, so it’s shower and bath friendly.

* The toy is rechargeable and comes with a 1 year warranty and a 10 year quality guarantee.

Couples Toys: Can They Ever Live Up to the Hype?

As far as couples toys go, I have used the We-Vibe in the past. When it first came out on the market, most women were thrilled because there wasn’t anything else like it and the immediate reaction was: “Omg, it stimulates my clit during sex and makes me orgasm!”

As we all know, many women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm at all, so this was a brilliant little gadget when it first popped up on the scene many many years ago.

Comparing it to Ida, however, is almost like comparing apples and oranges.

Here is a photo of them side by side:


As you can see, the We-Vibe is much smaller and fits onto the female, almost like a clip. It vibrates without any additional rotations, so it’s fairly standard as far as couples toys go. One issue with the We-Vibe is that it has the potential to require constant adjustments because of its design. It doesn’t always stay in place very well and can shift around a lot during sex. It also has a more rubbery-jelly type feel, which requires a lot of lube or else your man’s penis is going to take a beating after a while. If you hold both the Ida and We-Vibe in your hand, you will quickly understand what I mean. Your hand glides easily along super-smooth silicone of the Ida, while your fingers nearly stick to the We-Vibe without lube. If you’ve tried the We-Vibe and your man vowed “No more couples toys!” while holding a bag of frozen peas to his groin for the next two days, then rest assured that there is still hope for mutual fun. Since the We-Vibe’s inception, the uber-popular couples toys market has really taken off!

As with all technology, there have been great strides made as far as improvement on the original concept. LELO accomplishes this with the Ida and then some. Not only does it have a better design that allows the toy to stay firmly in place during sex, but it features internal rotation for g-spot massage as well as vibration. The smooth silicone ensures a very comfortable ride for both partners, without irritation. The Ida can also work as a solo toy or something to be worn by the female and controlled remotely by a partner – perhaps during a kinky evening out or even a dirty dinner in. Just leave the remote by his wine-glass when you’re setting the table.

The Review!

I had a fun little weekend experimenting with this hot-pink finger wagging lovebug, along with my always-up-for-an-adventure boyfriend and here is my honest review on some of the more important points.

The Fit: Does it Stay in Place?

It’s hard to explain without a visual demo, but the joint where the internally worn arm meets the main base is extremely flexible and reminded me a lot of how flexible the Soraya is. It’s not anything like the We-Vibe, which offers a very rudimentary and non-customizable fit. The Ida will fit you internally and adjust itself so that it’s firmly in place without being uncomfortable. After using the We-Vibe, I can tell you this makes a huge difference! It is far more comfortable to wear, and you’re able to get a proper fit without any gaps or awkward pinching. It just flexes and slides in, and then adjusts itself without any effort on your part.

The rotating arm has a slight upward curve to press against your g-spot and the size of it will ensure that this arm gets pushed up against it, both rotating and vibrating against your g-spot with every thrust. At the same time, the external base of the toy is weighty enough to stay up your clit and keep things humming.

The base of the toy is round and nicely sized. It offers a huge circumference area for clitoral stimulation. No matter what your anatomy looks like, rest assured, this toy is going to give you full coverage. Another benefit of having the base shaped this way is that it also stabilizes the toy and helps keep it in place. To be honest, my first concern about a couples’ toy like this was whether or not it was going to slide or fall out or require constant adjustment, which in the moment, can be extremely frustrating. I am happy to report that after trying this toy in nearly every position you can think of, it did stay in place. Trust me, I was as shocked as you are!

Is it comfortable for the girl during sex?

I am not a size queen by any means. For those of you who are, or are with a partner who is lacking in the size department – hello, here is your new holy grail toy! If your man is extremely thick and you feel stretched to your maximum capacity, even during regular sex, you might not appreciate this toy (or any couples toy) without lots of lube and maybe an orgasm or two before intercourse in order to warm things up. It was comfortable for us, but if my boyfriend was slightly thicker, I would definitely have needed to go at a slower pace. It definitely fills you up more, which I know a lot of women will love and appreciate. Not to mention the fact that if size or girth has always been on your wish-list, this is an easy way to integrate something into the bedroom without making a guy feel insecure. Regardless of how endowed a man is, there is nothing he can do physically to simulate a strong vibration on the clitoris in the same way a toy can. You can just use that angle when explaining it to him and consider the size upgrade as a bonus. *wink*

Is it comfortable for the guy during sex?

It’s definitely going to feel tighter, and we know that guys always love that. My boyfriend’s reaction was very positive once we got past the initial “oh no, what if it doesn’t fit” stage and readjusted. We did use lube to start (water-based because it’s a silicone toy) but I am also the type to be naturally well lubricated once things get going. He did not experience any of the discomfort he had with the We-Vibe. This is partly because of the intelligent design of Ida and also the ultra-smooth silicone it’s made of. The way the rotating arm is shaped ensures that it’s not going to batter his penis or compete with it during thrusting. It works with you, rather than impeding things. He really enjoyed it and once we both got used to it, sex was great, during position changes, and different thrusting tempos and intensities. The toy did its thing and he loved the additional stimulation as well as seeing my reactions. It’s definitely something he said he wants to try again. Next time, in the shower, since Ida is waterproof.

What are the best positions?

You’ll find a positions guide below with details and suggestions. Personally, my favorite was the cowgirl position and doggy style. His favorite was definitely cowgirl. It seemed to feel the best to both of us in that position. Missionary was good too, but keep in mind that part of the toy is worn on the outside if you like to stay really flat on top of each other in this position, it may eventually bother the guy’s pubic bone if he’s trying to force it and really grind his whole body down on you. If you allow a little space and breathing room with missionary, you won’t have any problem and it’s very enjoyable.

Sound Level:

Because of the rotation function, in addition to the vibration, I found Ida to be slightly louder than other LELO toys, more so when its not inserted. Once the rotating arm is inside you, it’s very quiet.

Can I use this as a Solo Toy?

Definitely! Because of the size of Ida and the shape, this is a perfect toy to turn on, insert and even wear panties over to hold it in place. If you’re the type that likes to multi-task or play with a lover on the phone or online, you now have a hands-free vibrating and rotating toy. The circumference area that gets covered by the clitoral base is really a thing of beauty. If you like that full buzz sensation, this is going to provide it. It far surpasses the We-Vibe in that respect. It would be like comparing a Pocket Rocket to the Hitachi Magic Wand – the We-Vibe is much smaller and has a weaker motor and even with panties on, it has the habit of moving around and shifting away from your sweet spot. The design of the Ida is really fantastic in that regard and I would say far superior to any other ‘panty-worn’ vibration device I’ve tried so far. If you enjoy the concept of egg-vibrators but always wished there was a way to enjoy g-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time, you need this!

Can I use this for Partner Controlled Play?

Like several other toys in LELO’s line, this comes with a Remote-Control disc with wireless SenseMotion™ technology. It can also be manually turned on/off, along with vibration-pattern shifts, by pressing a small interface button along the base of the toy. It has 8 Stimulation Modes (6 Standard, 2 Motion-Sensitive). I usually just like a steady high intensity vibration, so I tend to set my toys at full blast most of the time. Sex is one of those things, however, where it’s nice to have the option of building up in intensity. The disc is great for that and operates the same way LELO’s other SenseMotion vibrators do.

Either of you can use the remote which makes it a lot of fun. It also allows you to wear the device on its own and let him have complete control over your orgasms without laying a hand on you. If you like the play in public or set the stage for some prolonged teasing foreplay, this is a great toy to use.

LELO has also created a guide with some fun ideas for different positions and scenarios you can use this toy with:

The Ida Lovers’ Guide

LG Ida intro pic

Tease and explore before nestling Ida™ in place, as the man slides in beneath to share the vibrations and rotations within.
LG Ida Pic2 missionary

Doggy Style
Ida™ rotates against the underside of his penis while massaging her G-spot, bringing new sensations that lead you both to the most intense climax imaginable.

With her in the driver’s seat, Ida™ lets you both build a rhythm that matches the rotations; a perfect position for sharing simultaneous orgasms.
LG Ida pic 4 Cowgirl

On the Dance Floor
Take your sensual secret out on the town and switch between the modes of Ida™, as you both dance to a whole new rhythm of pleasure.
LG IDA pic 5 dancefloor

Tease Him
Add a touch of water-based lubricant and wrap Ida™ around the base of his penis to let him share the rotations and vibrations, as you tease him to the point of climax.
LG Ida TeaseHim

Legs Over Shoulders
Allowing him to control the pace and tempo, each thrust intensifies the vibrations on the clitoris, while enabling more intense rotations right to the G-Spot.
LG Pic 6 Legsovershoulder

Her on Top
With Ida™ nestled inside, this position allows her to control the rhythm and watch as he melts into ecstasy, overcome by sensations he has never experienced before.
LG Ida Pic 7 HeronTop

Date Night
Head out together for a romantic night and surrender the wireless remote to him so he can surprise you with an instant burst of pleasure at any time.
LG Ida Pic 8 Date Night

Tease Her
He turns Ida™ on and runs teasing circles around her clitoris to simulate oral pleasure before applying intense vibrations to lead her to the point of climax.
LG Ida Pic 9 Tease Her

Limitless Possibilities
Sharing the pleasures of the Ida™ couples’ massager promises an exciting new journey to explore together. Be bold, experiment and let your imaginations run away with you.
LG Ida Pic 10 LimitlessPossibiites

I hope you enjoyed the review!

You can buy Ida directly from LELO by clicking on the link below.

Bonus: Right now you can take advantage of Black Friday weekend savings by entering code LUSHBF at checkout to receive a 20% discount and free shipping until 11.59pm PST on Monday December 3rd 2013.


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