Good Vibrations with PicoBong’s Remoji

Get Hooked up with Remoji and get 40% off!

This NEW Smartphone App from PicoBong is Set to Bring you Good Vibrations all Summer Long!



The people at PicoBong, the world’s most experimental sex toy company, have come up with something ultra clever, just in time for summer music festivals, hot days at the beach and even hotter nights at the club. When the libido heats up and you’re looking for new ways to play and have fun, Remoji looks like he’s geared up to be a great little catalyst for both singles and couples!

This mischievous little high-tech Smartphone App has finally been revealed via the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. Remoji works with Bluetooth technology to control four different toys using a music-inspired interface you can manipulate with taps, pokes and swipes. These toys can be used for solo fun or to tease a partner, making this an exciting app designed to bring the fun back into intimacy and good sex.

Remoji gets his groove on with several different music styles, including alternative, techno, dubstep, hip hop, jazz, or punk. You can control his dance style, which in turn will control and change the speed, intensity and pattern of the sex toy vibrations.

You’ve may have already tried remote-controlled sex toys, but this is the first app of its kind. Since you’re probably never far away from your phone anyway, this eliminates the hassle of using a traditional remote (finding it, making sure it’s working, replacing those tiny batteries etc). Not to mention that if you like to play in public, what’s more stealth than tapping away on your phone vs trying to discreetly work a physical remote. People will just think you’re playing a game on your phone, not secretly stimulating yourself or your partner!

Remoji gif


The Remoji Series at 40% off for a Limited Time!

Remoji works with four different toys for guy and girls. Right now, you can sign up and show your support on Indiegogo and get an early bird discount! Just head over to for more info or go directly to the Indiegogo campaign page at

You can pledge your support, offer input on final functionality and help turn Remoji on. In return you’ll get a mega 40% discount on the entire series of toys, or a complete bundled set of all four. This is for a limited time only and it’s already generating a lot of buzz and has way passed it’s original support goal, so don’t wait!


Being a huge fan of public teasing and the latest and greatest in new toys, I can’t wait to test drive Remoji. I’ll be back with a thorough review later this spring!


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