Let’s start with the fun stuff. I’m a spirited twenty-something blonde with a healthy blend of both good girl and bad girl tendencies. I like to get into trouble sometimes. I think it’s helped me grow as a person and experience things I might never get to otherwise. I have always had a higher than normal sex drive and an intense curiosity about all the dirty things that sets our pulses racing.

Sexually, I’ve always been very experimental and open-minded. I wanted to try everything. Instead of defining what I wouldn’t do, I looked at sex as a physical exploration of pleasure. I still enjoy playing on the edges of my own boundaries and limitations and occasionally redefining them in the process. I’ve never been the type to favour drunken one-night stands or meaningless encounters. They’re too random and often feel like a watered-down version of what you really wanted. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with casual sex. It can be extremely exciting and wholly satisfying. You just have to choose wisely and know your standards. I have always looked for the ‘experience’ first, craving the adventure and the natural high of a memorable moment. You don’t always need love for that, but you do need a real connection or some kind of kinetic attraction. Sometimes it’s instantaneous and sometimes it surprises you when you least expect it.

Having been involved in the arts in one medium or another since I was a young child, writing has always come naturally to me. To me, art is a means of self-expression and communication. Sex is one of the most intimate forms of communication, and the genre of erotica attempts to explore this. Good erotica brushes away the superficial trappings, the notions of what good girls do, and the labels our conscious minds seek to stand in judgement of when it comes to things that we fear are too kinky or too degrading.

I was once told that erotica needs romance and a softer touch to appeal to women. My efforts in this genre have sought to turn that assumption on its head and explore the darker side of female sexuality. The notion that we’re all waiting for our Prince Charming and need traditional fidelity and sweet words whispered into our ears at precisely the right moment in order to get off is an old-fashioned fallacy. Some of us like it dirty. Really dirty. Sometimes we crave selfish orgasms, letting our tongues slide into places no good girl’s tongue should go. We want it rough, we want it raw, sometimes in multiples, lost in a hazy fog of sexually ravenous partners, sweating, grunting, and turning us into filthy little sluts that beg for more.

I don’t write your mother’s kind of erotica. I write the stuff that you tell your best girlfriends in dark bars, imbibed on martinis that make you bold enough to share the kinky things you just tried with your boyfriend, a fuckbuddy or the guy from last night. I write about girls that own their sexuality, that have rejected the negative associations society has placed on the words ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ and all the scary self-righteous messaging meant to tame your real desires and keep them in a gilded cage… cause ‘good girls’ don’t do that kind of stuff. But in my stories, they do.

If we all spent less time judging each other and safely exploring our desires, sex wouldn’t be relegated to anonymous corners of the internet, or hidden from our significant others for fear of being misunderstood or rejected. We would start to understand that what someone craves in the bedroom may have little to no bearing on the way they lead their lives. You may have a strong, independent public face, but when the walls come down, maybe you want it a little rougher than you’re willing to admit. Maybe you like to be controlled, dominated or degraded, then left in a limpid sweaty pool of heat, juices and cum, flushed from the inside out. It can be a cathartic kind of release. We need to stop looking at sexual communication in a black and white way, with critical minds seeking to condemn rather than understand. Sex is sex. It’s not necessarily a reflection of anything other than exploring and sometimes testing the limits of our own consensual pleasure.

With all of these thoughts in my head, it’s no wonder I found myself turning to erotica. I’ve scribbled on loose-leaf pages, I’ve shamelessly daydreamed, and I’ve led a dirtier sex life than most people would probably feel comfortable admitting. In the past I’ve given in to guilt and fear and all the finger wagging about how ‘good girls don’t do that’ and it began to censor my sexuality. At times, I had even hidden some of my desires, fantasies and previous experiences from long term boyfriends, scared of shocking them or having them see me in an unfavourable light. Over time, I came to realize that life is too short and with the right partner, nothing needs to be held back, nor should it if you want to be in a place of honesty with the people you choose to share your body with.

Make no mistake, I’m writing to turn you on, and I’m pretty shameless about my intentions. I write dirty, graphic, extremely explicit stories. Anal, gangbangs, rimming (both ways), cum play, sex toys, alpha bad boys, reluctant girls, rough sex, deep throat and lots of dirty talk. I don’t hold back on any of it. They’re contemporary urban tales of the modern girl’s desire to lose control and take a trip down the sexual rabbit hole. I want to liberate and celebrate sexuality and provide a place for kinky fantasies and dark desires to come out and play. But along the way, you might learn something about yourself. And if I’ve entertained you, aroused you, made you come, and then inspired you to take a moment to think, perhaps chipping away at your previous assumptions of what good sex is… then I’ll consider myself a satisfied and satiated author, artist, and crusading bad girl for what real woman want.